Micro-Management of Waste at JNCASR

JNCASR decided, a couple of years ago, to implement a waste segregation and recycling system with the help of an organisation called ProWaste. Dhwani played a part in this. Dhwani will host Ms. Nupur Tandon, the founder of ProWaste, and Ms. Jahnavi Sharma, as they discuss the progress made at JNCASR.

Venue: Kanada Auditorium
Time: 5:30 pm, Thursday, 29th September, 2016

An abstract from the speakers follows.

The talk aims to address the issue of waste and its micro-management: what is
micro-management of waste and how does it help reduce pressure on landfills?
With a brief introduction of waste in Indian context, and the changed perception
towards it, we will discuss the case study of JNCASR. We will discuss the
association of Pro Waste with JNCASR, and offer a reflective outlook on the
journey till now. We will talk about the quantum of waste diverted from
landfills, the recyclables generated, and the money earned for an emergency
fund for the housekeeping staff. Generic guidelines for waste handling shall be
provided. Also, importantly, we will discuss what further needs to be done for
effective waste management at the campus. To make the talk success it is
important for it to be interactive in nature as we welcome suggestions and
pointers to make the waste management program a sustained success.


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