Welcome to the blog for Dhwani. We are a group of students at JNCASR, interested in issues at the intersection of science and public policy. We organise talks and discussions by people working in fields with immediate implications for public policy. A list of our recent speakers and (if available) abstracts for the talks.

We are working on making more things–audio recordings of the talks, say–available. For now, the best way to listen to a Dhwani talk remains to show up for one. We’ll try and put up notifications here as early as possible.

Dhwani has changed over the years, both in the people at its helm and in focus. While the following history of the group may be reductive, we think it’s useful (even if only to us). In its earliest avatar, it was by and large a forum for some weekly extracurricular entertainment where documentaries were screened. These were mostly from science and technology, and featured scientific disciplines or phenomena that grad students focussed on their own work might be familiar with. (Brian Cox and Neil DeGrasse Tyson made frequent appearances, it’s fair to say.)

Dhwani then changed largely into a forum for social commentary, screening documentaries and inviting speakers on social issues. This proved not to be a great investment of time or energy, as it didn’t strike a chord with many people. It’s perhaps easy to imagine why.

The current avatar of Dhwani is a combination of the two earlier iterations and, we hope, the best of both worlds.

The current team of Dhwani is (alphabetically) Ananthu, Croor, Jyothi, Maruthi, Nandu, Sruthi, Sunil and Vybhav. The Dhwani logo was designed by Ganga Prasath.