Upcoming Events

The next Dhwani talk is on Bitcoin, Blockchain, and their impact, on the 12th of April 2018.

Our last talk was by Prof. K. S. Valdiya on Geological Marvels that Unified the People of Prehistoric India.

Older talks/events include the following:

  1. A performance of the play The Prophet and the Poet, by Bangalore Little Theatre.
  2. Dr. Sakuntala Narasimhan on The Musical Heritage of India.
  3. Dr. Pankaj Sekhsaria on Islands in Flux–the Andaman and Nicobar Story
  4. Dr. Sakuntala Narasimhan on The Musical Heritage of India.
  5. Sunil Sahasrabudhey on knowledge production in society, on the 6th of June.
  6. Dr. M.B. Rajani on using remote sensing to understand and preserve our cultural heritage, on 24th May.
  7. Dr. V. Siddhartha, NIAS, on The Dimensions And Roles of Science & Technology in India’s Foreign Policy, on Tuesday the 2nd of May, 2017.
  8. Dr. T.V. Ramachandra, IISc, on Lake Conservation and Regional Water Security, on Thursday, the 27th of April 2017.
  9. Prof. S. Ranganathan, IISc, on wootz steel, a high-carbon steel alloy from ancient India, on Thursday the 13th of April, 2017.
  10. Ms. Helaine Selin, formerly of Hampshire College, Massachusetts, USA, on Happiness across non-Western Cultures, on Saturday the 25th of March, 2017.
  11. Ms. Nupur Tandon and Ms. Jahnavi Sharma, ProWaste, Bangalore, on Micro-management of waste, with JNCASR as a case study, on Thursday the 29th of September, 2016.
  12. Prof. Amman Madan, Azim Premji University, on the draft National Education Policy 2016, on 15th September 2016.
  13. Prof. G. Padmanaban , Department of Biochemistry, IISc, on GM crops in Indian agriculture, on 17th August 2016.
  14. Dr. Megha Shenoy, ATREE, on Consumption patterns in Bangalore and Manila, on 21st July 2016.
  15. Dr. Shoibal Chakravarty, NIAS, on India’s renewable energy future, on 13th July 2016.